America, Educated by Korihor

In the book of Alma chapter 30, we encounter the audacious Korihor.  Korihor “was Anti-Christ, for he began to preach unto the people against the prophecies which had been spoken by the prophets, concerning the coming of Christ.” (Alma 30:6) The law could have no hold on him. He “began to preach unto the people that there should be no Christ.” (Alma 30:12) These are the things that Korihor taught the people in order to persuade them not to believe in Christ.

  1. Teaching of Christ is a vain and foolish hope.
  2. Teaching of Christ puts you into slavery.
  3. No one can know the future.
  4. The prophecies you know are foolish traditions of your fathers.
  5. You cannot know of what you cannot see or scientifically prove.
  6. Because you cannot see Christ and because you cannot empirically prove that he exists, then you cannot know that he is real.
  7. You say that He will forgive you of your sins, but this simply shows that you are not thinking clearly. The teachings of your fathers make you feel bad.
  8. There is no atonement for sin because there is no sin.
  9. Every man fares in his life according to his ability, genius and strength. (… the management of the creature. i.e. evolution / natural selection)
  10. The only sin is believing in sin.
  11. There is nothing after this mortal life.
  12. Your religion is meant to allow your leaders to glut themselves on your labors.
  13. There is no God.

This summary of Alma 30:13-18,23-28 is almost exactly what Korihor taught with very little revision to modernize the language.

The Humanist Manifesto (Humanist I, 1933) makes the following points in summary. (

Introduction: Since the religions of the world are outdated, it is the responsibility of this generation to establish a new world religion called humanism.

  1. There is no creator God.
  2. Man evolved, (You are an animal. See humanist II 3.)
  3. Man has no spirit.
  4. Culture molds us. We are a product of our environment.
  5. Modern Science has not found God. We do not deny the possibility but we must prove God’s existence by the scientific spirit and method.
  6. Old thought is out of date. It is vain and foolish. (see introduction)
  7. Humanism is a religion. Everything we do implies religion.
  8. There is nothing after this mortal life.
  9. We must replace worship of God with social progress.
  10. None of the old traditions regarding sin are valid. Such hope and faith is a foolish tradition.
  11. Mankind is on its own. Only secular education and custom will save him.
  12. The humanist religion must help man find joy and satisfaction by fostering achievement. (… the management of the creature.)
  13. Humanism aims to evaluate, transform, direct and control mankind's institutions including existing religious institutions as rapidly as possible to affect its ends.
  14. Property rights and free markets enslave us. Socialism must be instituted and wealth must be redistributed. The goal is a society where people voluntarily choose this, but the new order must be established first.
  15. Affirm life and elicit the possibilities of life. There is no sin. We seek to establish a satisfactory life for all. (We should all enjoy our rights and privileges.)

The Humanist Manifesto of 1933 was signed by many prominent men and women. They were the respected authors, professors and pastors of the more accepted liberal society. John Dewey, a writer and signer of the manifesto, is known as the father of our modern public education system. Dewey’s philosophy is outlined in two of his most seminal works Democracy and Education (1916) and Experience and Education (1938). His goal was to reform the educational system to promote the goals outlined in the Humanist and Communist manifestos. To a large extent his goals have been implemented and over the last 100 years our society has turned from a free market, God-fearing nation to a godless, socialist state.

Karl Marx explained that in order to enact such change the movement must first “win the battle of democracy.” Such teachings are so pervasive and inculcated in our society that even in the hotbed of supposed American conservatism, Utah County Utah, its Alpine School District boldly asserted that it’s motto was “Enculturating the Young into a Social and Political Democracy.” MS word doesn’t even know that “enculturating” is a word, but you can guess what that means. It means what Marx says. Instead of a republic based in God’s law the movement must use democracy to promote relativism.

Here is a summary of Marx’s 10 planks that will win this battle. These were accomplished in the US in the early 1900s due to the Humanist movement. The socialists realized that admitting outright control in the hands of the state didn’t work as planned, hence in the USA these objectives were achieved through taxation and regulation. (

  1. Abolition of property in land. (Achieved through property tax)
  2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax. (obvious)
  3. Abolition of all right of inheritance. (Estate tax)
  4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels. (Tax penalties, imprisonment and confiscation if you disagree)
  5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the State. (Federal Reserve Bank)
  6. Centralization of communication and transportation. (FCC, FTA, DOT, FAA, etc.)
  7. Industry regulation
  8. Equal liability of all to labor. (Unions, Unemployment insurance, Labor regulations, mortgage and education debt)
  9. Get rid of small farms in favor of large scale farming. Establish sprawling suburbs.
  10. Free education for all children in public schools. (This is, of course, to make sure that the doctrines of Korihor are received by all.)

You and your children and your parents and perhaps even your grandparents have been taught by Korihor. How are these teachings received? Very well!

Please wake up and turn back to God. The time is growing short.

Moroni 10:30 And again I would exhort you that ye would come unto Christ, and lay hold upon every good gift, and touch not the evil gift, nor the unclean thing.

31 And awake, and arise from the dust, O Jerusalem; yea, and put on thy beautiful garments, O daughter of Zion; and strengthen thy stakes and enlarge thy borders forever, that thou mayest no more be confounded, that the covenants of the Eternal Father which he hath made unto thee, O house of Israel, may be fulfilled.

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